Public and Stakeholder Engagement

The project includes opportunities to participate in public consultation.

The first public consultation process, which took place in Summer 2020, sought initial views from the public and other interested parties in relation to the key issues that the study should address; discussed options to manage the flood risk in the area; and highlighted points of local importance that might constrain the design and/or viability of any potential flood alleviation measures.

Information from the first public consultation process is available here: Public Consultation Day No.1: Summer 2020

A second consultation day will take place Landmark Hotel, Carrick on Shannon on Thursday 20th July 2023 between 14:00 and 20:00 hours. The flood relief scheme options under consideration will be presented. The public’s views on these options under consideration are welcome during this public consultation process, or if there are alternative options that are highlighted by the public, these will be investigated by the Project Team.

Information for the second public consultation day is available here:Public Consultation Day No.2: 20th July 2023.

A third public consultation will take place following the identification of the preferred scheme, where further details of the engineering measures proposed will be available. You will be given a further opportunity to comment at this stage.